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There’s no better way to reach success than getting the customized help you need at the right moment. Uplevel Practice Solutions is a results driven company that is passionate about guiding you through sustainable ways to uplevel your team. Stay ahead of the competition and maximize your practice's efficiency and profitability. Request a complimentary consultation today!

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Extraordinary Insights and Proven Experience

Profit Leaks &
Analysis Experts

Our Uplevel Practice Solutions team will guide you and your leadership team in creating sustainable framework for growth and better profitability.

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Leadership &
Team Training

At Uplevel Practice Solutions, our goal is to train your office to run not only more efficiently, but also more independently.

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Guidance &

Uplevel Practice Solutions clients deserve the best. We are a company that focuses on simplifying the way you run your business.

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How to Win Friends
And Influence Profits

Small business owners are desperate for proven and tested ways to generate more leads, attract more clients, and make more money. So, what if I told you that I can show you how to generate all the leads business owners need to completely dominate their market?

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Meet Sheena Hinson

Expertise in analytics combined with a strong clinical perspective are why we passionately believe that you can have an ethically profitable practice that aligns with your personal mission, core values, and patient care philosophy all while bringing more joy into your workdays.


  • Simplify the way you grow and lead your team.
  • Utilize proven framework to achieve sustainable success.
  • Increase engagement to improve team member satisfaction and productivity.
  • Demonstrate results that directly impact your bottom line.

Proven Results

  • Trained hygiene teams average an additional 35% in their hourly production.
  • Five-star care and service are achieved without cutting corners or reducing patient appointment times.
  • Teams of any size or productivity level can achieve the next level with demonstrable improvement.
  • Ethically produce seven figures in ROH Production without being "salesy".

Our Mission

Leadership Development

We will equip you and your team with a multi-faceted growth strategy. We will focus on both your leadership structure and clinical productivity growth. We will first clarify your vision, then concentrate on calibrating your team and building genuine connections that spark joy during your work days.

Sustainable Growth

Learn the proven and effective strategies that can increase your hygiene revenue by 20-40%. Unlock your team's potential by operating within a disciplined framework with powerful verbiage and strong resources. We will help you analyze your processes to identify profit leaks and equip you with the strategies to fix them.


Prepare your team to do great work in your absence. Whatever your expectations, Uplevel Practice Solutions is here to exceed them. Our goal is to train your office to run with more focus and efficiency, empowering teams to have greater independence. Ultimately freeing leaders to focus on bigger picture goals.

Our Method


Our proven framework is certain to equip your team for the next level. Focusing on the pillars of clarity, calibration, communication and coaching will streamline your team's performance. We will use the science of ethical influence along with years of clinical expertise to guide you and your team to success.


You will streamline your team with our protocol optimization roadmap. This will increase profitability and give you the freedom to reduce your stress and take a step back. Our established accountability techniques are the missing link in your pursuit of excellence.


With the proper accountability processes and recognition methods in place, you can rest assured that your team is on the path of growing your practice. Get ready to watch your leaders thrive while they work towards reaching the next level.

See What Our Clients Say About Us

"If you are looking for someone to help your team understand how they can set goals and accomplish them, Sheena and Amanda are what you have been looking for. They have the rare ability to get the whole team to think differently about how to increase metrics. It will no longer just be the doctor or office manager involved; Everyone will have buy in!"

Donnie McMaster
Charlotte, NC

"All-in-all, the cost of the training was very, very reasonable, and I would highly recommend this training to any practice that wants to get an immersive and efficient training session of how to impendent DI in their practice from end-users who actually use the system in a large dental practice every day."

Steve Kuchuris
Billings, Montana

"It is best to be taught by those who are actually putting their training to use in their own practice. Sheena and Amanda can show you how to best use their tools in your unique practice."

Yellowstone Family Dental
Billings, Montana

"For our office to go to this training and have everyone engaged is one thing; But to actually see our teams using the strategies and tools we learned day one back in the office, is so exciting!"

Elite Family Dental
Memphis, Tennessee

"Sheena’s leadership made it possible for our hygienists to practice more holistically and embrace complete oral wellness. She is successfully creating a clear vision of what a winning hygiene department looks like."

Dr. Christian Yaste
Charlotte, NC

Our Clients

Trusted and endorsed by some of the best talent in the industry.


Dental Hygiene Team Lead: Sheena Hinson, RDH

Treatment Coordinator & Dashboard Program Manager: Amanda Thomas, BSBA


Content Contributor for OralDNA® Labs.

Specializing in growth, treatment acceptance & sustainable profitability.


Yellowstone Family Dental needed a better way to facilitate growth and track their office's progress. They chose our full-day Leadership Training course!


Hayes Family Dentistry wanted to take their team to the next level. They were happy to finally find a sustainable program to grow their revenue and implement accountability. They also completed the leadership training workship.


Elite Dental Care wanted to take all four of their locations to the next level! They were able to clarify their goals, and set accountability plans in place to take action! They chose our 1.5 day training with the entire office and specialised leadership training!


The World's #1 Software For Managing & Growing Your Practice.

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