Guidance & Coaching

Clarity, Calibration, Communication, and Coaching are the four pillars we use to uplevel your team. We start with clarifying your practice's mission and goals based on your philosophy and core values. We then Calibrate your practice's standards of care to ensure all providers are aligned and equipped to provide every patient with the same high-quality treatment.

We then provide you and your team with the tools necessary to communicate effectively with patients and one another using language that simplifies your processes and reflects your guiding principles. Coaching support is here every step of the way to encourage, develop, and empower your entire team to excel both professionally and personally. Below is an expanded summary of our process.

Onboarding: Research, Analysis, Planning, Benchmarking

Upon Completion & Analysis of Data Gathering & Team Discovery Session

Coaching Calls & Communication

Dental Intelligence

Website & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Growth Map

Financial Optimization

Practice Profitability

Professional Development & Company Culture

Leadership Structure, Guidance, Coaching

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