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Sheena, How do I say it?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Dental Professional: "I'm concerned. You have active gum disease"

Patient: “Will my insurance cover all of this?”

This is one of the greater dilemmas in the dental industry. Its a roadblock disguised as access to care for many patients. For years, they have been misled regarding the true value they get from dental insurance plans. It's important we let patients know what they NEED, not just what they need that is covered by insurance. To be clear, before reading the verbiage below, please know that it should never be used to mislead a patient in any way. When going over financial arrangements, patients should be fully informed.

My Response:

"I’m so glad you asked. I’ve put a plan together for you that includes everything I think you need to be successful in treating your gum disease. I like to put all my recommendations in there up front so that you don’t have any surprises later. I put in your gum therapy that we discussed, your saliva testing, and also the homecare items we talked about.

Getting your gum disease into remission will be a commitment of both your time and finances. We will make sure that we do everything possible to maximize your insurance coverage. As far as what they don’t cover, we have some great options to help you fit it into your budget."


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