Donnie McMaster

Director of Operations at Guardian Dentistry Partners

"I was lucky enough to not only work with Sheena but interviewed her several times before making the offer to hire her while working at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. You could tell she had the leadership skills and the drive to help others expand their mindsets on hygiene. She nearly doubled our monthly revenue in hygiene while leading the Hygiene Team. The relationship building she does with patients ensures the patient receives the treatment they need but also want. I also was lucky enough to partner with her in some consulting roles. She understands different personalities and how to use that experience to help influence dental offices into thinking differently. She takes as much time that is needed to help clients no matter the cost. Her consistency with supporting the teams and doctors she represents is one of the best I have seen in consulting. One last thing. She has a never give up or give in attitude when things do not go the way she planned. She comes back stronger and more positive than the day before. I foresee that we will continue to hear Sheena’s name mentioned in dentistry for the near future just like in 2020 when she was named “Hygienist if the Year” nationally."

Donnie McMaster

COO Ballantyne Center for Dentistry & Charlotte Dental Implant Solutions
Practice Consultant at Sunrise Dental Solutions
Charlotte, NC

"If you are looking for someone to help your team understand how they can set goals and accomplish them, Sheena and Amanda are what you have been looking for. They have the rare ability to get the whole team to think differently about how to increase metrics. It will no longer just be the doctor or office manager involved; Everyone will have buy in!"

Steve Kuchuris

Chief Operations Officer
Experienced Dental Consultant & Management Specialist

"As a dental consultant and management specialist with over 24 years in the dental operations space, and the COO of an 8.5 million dollar practice in Billings, MT, I had the pleasure of hiring Uplevel Practice Solutions to do onsite training for our Team Leaders and myself in November of 2020. We had recently signed up for Dental Intelligence and heard that this company had extensive, real life experience in utilizing the software to its fullest potential and could train my team to their level of understanding.

Sheena and Amanda came fully prepared with handouts, and they were very organized. They worked very well together, and tailored the presentation and training to our level of skill and to the way we planned on using DI. They were patient, and allowed the participants to stop and asked questions, and they were good listeners. They also had a good sense of humor throughout the presentation.

All-in-all, the cost of the training was very, very reasonable, and I would highly recommend this training to any practice that wants to get an immersive and efficient training session of how to impendent DI in their practice from end-users who actually use the system in a large dental practice every day.

Feel free to context me on my cell at 630-235-2272 should you want more information about my experiences with Uplevel Practice Solutions."

Yellowstone Family Dental

Billings, Montana

"It is best to be taught by those who are actually putting their training to use in their own practice. Sheena and Amanda can show you how to best use their tools in your unique practice."

Elite Family Dental

Memphis, Tennessee

"For our office to go to this training and have everyone engaged is one thing; But to actually see our teams using the strategies and tools we learned day one back in the office, is so exciting!"

Dr. Christian Yaste

Key Opinion Leader
Co-Founder of Ballantyne Center for Dentistry & Charlotte Dental Implant Solutions

"Sheena’s leadership made it possible for our hygienists to practice more holistically and embrace complete oral wellness. She is successfully creating a clear vision of what a winning hygiene department looks like."

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